• The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
     Serenity Cosmetics LLC was founded by influencer, Serena Nicole. As a young child, Serena had always been one to dabble in beauty. From doing makeup on her classmates and peers for school events, to now creating content and being sponsored by those same exact brands she would purchase from as a youth. With that, Serena decided to take it to the next level and create her own unique brand that represented her core values and compelling mindset. She felt as though there was nothing on the beauty market that compared to what she had in mind for her new endeavor, and that she could potentially provide something captivating and visionary to the future of the beauty industry. Shortly thereafter, Serenity Cosmetics was born.

     Serenity Cosmetics is more than just a cosmetics brand. We strive to empower, encourage, and most importantly allow others to become the best versions of themselves through our products and what we stand for. We make it a priority to educate our customers on the “why” behind our brand and products. Beauty not only comes from what you put onto your face, but what you allow to feed your spirit and soul! Find your purpose… as the future of beauty awaits you!

Founder & CEO, Serena Nicole